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Professional Inflatable Water Containment Mat (10'x20') Why Buy This Product? Free-standing inflatable water containment mat Easy and fast setup and tear own Inflate and deflate from one valve Perfect for containing water runoff for responsible disposal 10'x20' dimensions fit most cars trucks motorcycles and SUVs 4"" high bumpers capture water dirt and grime washed from vehicles New extra strong material - made from .48 mm PVC Improved durability quality and new ultra-fast pump White glove quality control inspection tests every mat for a full month Comes with a carrying bag AC pump and patch kit Professional Products for Professional Results The Chemical Guys Professional Water Containment Mat is the best solution for complying with water runoff regulations. Washing cars with water produces runoff full of dirt soap grease grime and oil. EPA mandates and local laws often require containment and disposal of water.


Offer Expires:05/31/2017

The Dust Monster is a fluffy Australian Merino wool car duster. It is made from the highest quality Australian-grown wool, and uses all natural materials in its construction. Unlike traditional car dusters that use chemicals or cheap wax-covered cotton fibers, the Dust Monster is made of the finest grade premium quality wool from Australian-raised Merino Sheep. This fine wool is renowned for its extra-fluffy and extra-soft touch in clothing, yarn, and fabrics. The Dust Monster uses static cling, rather than pressure, to safely pull dust off from sensitive car paintwork. The Dust Monster uses only all natural premium wool for the duster, and ecologically-sourced wood for the duster wand handle. As you twirl the duster, you generate static that attracts dust like a magnet. The static charge safely lifts dust from the surface, so no surface pressure is necessary. The Dust Monster is ideal while detailing to remove polishing dust from painted surfaces prior to waxing or sealing. The Dust Monster leaves the surface perfectly clean and dust-free without placing unwanted oils back onto the polished surface.


Offer Expires:06/30/2017